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1,000 COVID-19 test kits will be arriving in Palau from Taiwan on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, via flight chartered by Palau government, confirmed Press Secretary Olkeriil Kazuo of the Office of the President.

Arriving also on this flight are the “best technicians from Shin Kong hospital to install the equipment and train Ministry of Health personnel on how to test”, added Mr. Kazuo.

Early this week, Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts reported that they have requested early on for test kits from Palau’s partners but he was not sure when the test kits will arrive due to backlog as well as partners embattled by the pandemic themselves.

Minister Roberts also reported that the test kits have been offered but they were looking for ways to transport them to Palau.  He assured that active dialogue was going on with partners on how soon to get them to Palau.

Last night Island Times received a confirmation that 1000 test kits are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday with technicians from Shin Kong Hospital in Taiwan.

Ministry of Health and National Emergency Committee had recommended to stop United flights this week while they work on quarantine sites as well as wait for test kits.  The fate of the next scheduled UA flight for April 6 is dependent on these factors.

With a number of COVID-19 positive cases growing rapidly in Guam, additional pressure has been placed on the government to implement solutions to prevent the potential entry of the virus and containment if it does.

The availability of test kits on the island will allow for quick diagnosis and rapid response to control and contain the spread of the virus if it enters the country and to minimize the impact on public health and resources.