By: L.N. Reklai

The 10th Olbiil era Kelulau (national congress) will see 8 incumbent senators back again with 5 new additions.  House of Delegates will see 13 incumbent delegates return with 3 new members, according to the unofficial results of the 2016 general election.


For the senate, the top 13 vote getters are Steve Kuartei with highest number of votes of 7,055 followed by current delegate Frank Kyota with 6,573. Incumbent senator and 9th OEK’s youngest member Mason Whipps came in 3rd with 6,428. Aric Nakamura, the youngest and new entrant comes in 4th place with 6,352votes.  Incumbents  followed with Mark Rudimch receiving 5,823 followed by Hokkons Baules with 5,211. Phillip Reklai came in 7th place with 5,187 followed by Uduch Senior with 5,007. President of the Senate Camsek Chin who was placed 14th after the Palau proper was counted moved up 9th place with 4,767. Senate Vice President Rukebai Inabo gained the 10th place with 4,685 followed by another incumbent senator Regis Akitaya  at 4,661. Kerai Mariur, former Vice President and also Delegate came back after 4 years in hiatus to gain 12th place with 4,543.  Former governor and long time senatorial aspirant John Skebong made it to 13th place 4,453.

The 10th Senate mix of candidates is considered a good representation of incumbents, new, young and old.  10th Senate will also retain 2 female senators.

Predictions for House of Delegates will be status quo as 13 out of 16 delegate-elects are currently delegates, including the House strongman Speaker Sabino Anastacio, who some say, will remain speaker.

Historic first for the House of Delegates is the presence of 2 female delegate members.  House had had one female delegate before but this is the first time that two will be seated at one time.

The unofficial winners of the House of Delegates are Noah Kemesong of Kayangel State (incumbent), Dilmai Saiske of Ngerchelong State (new), Gibson Kanai of Ngaraard State (incumbent), Masasinge Arurang of Ngiwal State (incumbent), Lencter Basilius of Melekeok State (incumbent), Sabino Anastacio of Ngchesar State (incumbent), Victoria Kanai of Airai State (new), Lucio Ngiraiwet of Ngardmau State (incumbent), Swenny Ongidobel of Ngeremlengui State (incumbent), Lee Otobed of Ngatpang State (incumbent), Marino Ngemaes of Aimeliik State (incumbent), Mengkur Rechelulk of Koror State (new), Jonathan Isechal of Peleliu State (incumbent), Mario Gulibert of Angaur State (incumbent), Yutaka Gibbons jr. of Sonsorol State (incumbent) and Sebastian Marino of Hatohobei State (incumbent).

The Palau Election Commission will be certifying the results of this election no later than 15 days after receipt of the tabulation results from Tabulation Committee. [/restrict]