The total number of dengue cases recorded this July had reached 122, surpassing the 89 cases noted last month.

Minister of Health Emais Roberts assessed about the dengue outbreak cases have increased from December last year up to this year July.

Minister Roberts has requested the residents to seek early treatment.

Minister asks to overlook the law of burning around homes because it helps address mosquito infestation. One can apply for a burning permit to burn trash.

One precaution taken by MOH is working with public work in cleaning around the places with many cases of dengue. The places include Ngerchemai, Ngermid, Madalaii, Ngerkesaol, Ngerbeched, Iyebukel, and Meyuns.

Out of all these hamlets in Koror and the ones leading all the way up to Airai, there is only one person who died because of severe dengue.

People are urged to follow rules of mosquito prevention by wearing clothing that covers most of the skin, lighting mosquito coils, and a little burning of leaves and branches. (Kerdeu Uong)