Chief Uchelsias Yukiwo Shmull sworn-in as member of the 12th Legislature

By: L.N. Reklai

August 19, 2016 (Koror) “For the first time since Peleliu government came into existence, there is now a full representation of the people of Peleliu in the State Legislature,” stated Speaker Eufrasia Remeliik of the 12th Peleliu State Legislature.


Peleliu 12th State Legislature reached its mandated 15-member legislature in accordance with its State Constitution yesterday, when Chief Uchelsias Yukiwo Shmull was sworn in as official member of the 12th Peleliu State Legislature. The legislature now has 10 elected members and 5 chief members.

According to Speaker Remeliik, on August 9th, 2016, majority (8 members) of the 12th Peleliu State Legislature adopted a resolution accepting Chief Uchelsias Yukiwo Shmull. Yesterday, based on that resolution, Chief Justice Arthur Ngirakelsong, administered the Oath of Office to Uchelsias Yukiwo Shmull as he took his place in the 12th Peleliu State Legislature.

12th Peleliu State Legislature had started off to a rocky start at the beginning of their term.  Contests of over legality of a split legislature resulted in lawsuits and caused Peleliu State government to be the first to exercise the Caretaker Government Act.

In July, the legislator-elects agreed to work out their differences and get sworn in to office. “We still have our differences, but we were able to get the credentials committee to agree to the credentials of the members and organized the 12th Peleliu State Legislature,” added Speaker Remeliik.[/restrict]