As of June 30, 2020, according to report from the Ministry of Finance, $158,788,150 worth of appropriated grant projects are active. $89 million out of $158 million has been expended. $9 million is encumbered and $60 million is the remaining balance still to be expended.
The grants cover everything from capital improvement projects to health, to education and to environment.
The largest single grantor is the US Federal government providing over $46 million in grant assistance. These do not take into account the COFA CRA grants.
Second largest single grantor is the Republic of China Taiwan with over $15 million in grants. All other grantors combined reached over $53 million in grants.
Ministry of Health is the biggest grant beneficiary receiving over $21 million followed by WIOA, MOE and MPIIC.
These also includes local non-lapsing funds of little over $15 million, with over $8 million already committed and $6 million remaining to be disbursed.
These grants include current projects as well as previous years projects that are on-going.

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