June 29, Youth Summer Programs 2018 -The Office of the President kicked off the Competence Skill and Learning Skills Employment Program (CSLSE) at the Palau Civic Hall with 174 Youth participants aged 14 and up entering the program to work six (6) hours per day and up to 30 hours per week. The summer work program begins July 2 to July 27 with each of the participants to receive $105.00 in weekly stipend joining the workforce with the Bureau of Public Works (BPW).  A total of 88 Youths from Koror and Airai will work in a waste data compilation study along the entire Compact Road where data collected will help the BPW develop a waste collection plan for Babeldaob.

The Koror and Airai group will also join the BPW’s carpentry division in construction on work orders from within the government and the community as well as help the Palau Red Cross Society sort and document its entire emergency supply inventory. Participants from the Koror and Airai group will also join the National Solid Waste Management Team to shred tires and learn the many ways tire shreds can be used and applied.

Participants from Babeldaob states were divided by region with Youth from Ngarchelong and Ngaraard to engage in the ongoing Kebeas Eradication efforts from Ollei to Ngardmau and on to Despedall side back to Ollei.  Youth from Melekeok, Aimeliik, Ngardmau and Ngchesar are to eradicate Kebeas along the Compact Road in their states and Airai.

The Program is led by the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce with other partner agencies.

“I thank our many NGO’s for continuing to provide summer programs for our kids and with this additional effort to existing government programs such as the WOIA and Ministry summer programs, this summer is sure to be filled with activities for all ages that teach our kids skills in the workforce and teach them how to contribute to the community.  I’m happy that they will have the opportunity to earn money this summer and take part in solutions to some of our country’s issues and concerns,” says President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr.