Police are investigating the death of an old 18-month-old Georgia boy who died from a gunshot wound to the head in his home, police said.

Police told WSBTV that around 3 p.m. two brothers, 18 months and 3 years old, were inside of a bedroom with family members when an adult set down a loaded .45 caliber handgun.[restrict]

One of the brothers reportedly picked up the handgun and pulled the trigger, killing the 18-month-old, but they are not sure which one.

“There were adults in the room at the time, but the adults were not paying attention to what was going on. They did not actually see the incident occur,” Henry County police Lt. Mike Ireland said in an interview.

Police reported that the family said they heard a gunshot and then saw the child laying on the bed.

The family called 911 and tried to administer first aid, but the child died at Piedmont Henry Hospital shortly after.

Police said that they are giving the family time to mourn the loss of the toddler before considering possible criminal charges.

“It’s a tragic time for all the family members, so we’re allowing everybody to grieve at this time,” Ireland said. [restrict]