Two doctors from the Republic China – Taiwan have been in Palau to assist with the Taiwan Medical Program (TMP) since March.

TMP is responsible for coordinating the Medical Referral Program, training, and technical assistance between the Republic of Palau’s Ministry of Health (MOH) and Shin Kong Wu-Ho Su Memorial Hospital (SKH) in Taiwan.

The program is conducted in partnership of MOH, the Republic of Palau Ministry of Education (MOH), the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF), the Taiwan Technical Mission, and the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Palau.

The doctors from Taiwan are Dr. Tom Tzu-Yang Chow and Dr. Tim Cheng-Ting Wu.  Dr. Chow graduated from the National Yang-Ming University, a research university located in Shipai of the Beitou District in Taipei.

Dr. Wu from Kaohsiung Medical University–a private university located in the Sanmin District in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  Both doctors were in Palau assisting with the TMP School Health Program.

The School Health Program was initiated in 2015 at the Meyuns Elementary School by Shin Kong Hospital.  This year, a total of three schools participated in the program: Meyuns Elementary School, Koror Elementary School (KES), and George B. Harris Elementary School (GBHES).

In support of school health, Dr. Chow & Dr. Wu designed & taught four classes that focused on teaching students about food groups, food serving sizes, the importance of healthy eating, and exercise.  After a twelve-week period, students learned how to read nutritional labels as well as create a healthy diet.

In addition to teaching students about nutrition & exercise, Dr. Chow and Dr. Wu also assisted the school kitchens with the development of meal plans that integrated locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Dr. Chow and Dr. Wu also focused on teaching the faculty & staff about healthy lifestyle choices by conducting Yijin Jing Classes at GBHES.  Yijin Jing is a Chinese Exercise Practice that integrates breathing with physical activities in order to enhance health.

Good health is essential to the prosperity, longevity, and sustainable livelihoods for the continued growth of the Republic of Palau, which the doctors and coordinators at Taiwan Medical Program work hard to achieve.  In the future, Dr. Chow and Dr. Wu hope to expand the scope of the School Health Program in order to improve the health of all Palauans.

The Ministry of Health would like to thank Dr. Chow, Dr. Wu, and the Government of the Republic China—Taiwan for their continued support of Palau’s health programs and services. (PR)

                           and vegetables provided by SKMP

Harris Elementary School