The Canoe Association of Palau hosted the 2016 Canoe Race this morning Friday September 30th at Canoe Ramp.  There were three (3) mix teams participating in the sprints events of 1,500 with turns and 500m sprints. The first place team was Marina Toribiong mix teams with first place in the 1500m time of 9minute and 3sec, followed by Miel Holm mix team of time of 9minute and 3sec and third place to Tino Faatuula Team  with a time of 9minutes 3seconds.  


In the 500m sprint, Marina Toribiong Team again took the 1st place with a time of 2minutes 32sec., 2nd place to Tino Faatuuala Team with time of 2minutes 36sec and third place to Miel Holm team with a time of of 2minutes 37sec.  The Canoe race was conducted by volunteers from Canoe Association of Palau with help from Koror State Rangers and the 2016 Independence Day Organizing Committee.

The Canoe program and training is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday paddling at 530pm and the Meyuns Ramp.  The next race is October 21-23, an international race – MICRO CUP here in Palau at Meyuns Ramp venue.  For more information about Canoe program, please contact PNOC  Office at 488-6562. [/restrict]