By: L.N. Reklai

One month before the end of the calendar year, the total number of tourist arrivals to Palau show a decline of 14% compared to same period last year. January to November numbers show total arrivals at 128,536.  During same period last year (Jan – Nov 2015), total arrivals was at 149,352 or 14% more than this year’s numbers.


Consistently in the last 11 months, over all monthly arrivals have been dropping with the biggest drop from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) market.  Over all PRC market arrivals (Jan – Nov 2016) is at 61,497 compared to 2015 same period of 81,520 arrivals.  Despite the overall 25% drop, PRC remains the leading market.

Japan’s year-to-date numbers are also below 2015 by only 4%.  Republic of China-Taiwan also below 2015 numbers, is down by less than 1% .  Korea dropped by only .9% and United States by 3%. The only market showing significant increase this year is the European market showing 30% increase over last year.

In November, the 9,384 visitors were spread out over 72 accommodations island-wide.  Palau Pacific Resort had most number of customers in November followed by Palau Royal Resort, Palasia Hotel, Palau Vacation Hotel, Sea Passion Hotel, Airai View, Blue Ocean Hotel, and Papago Resort.

The airlines servicing country this month include Asiana Airlines, Delta, China Air, Lion Airlines, Palau Pacific Airways, and United Airlines.  All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan Airlines (JAL) and TransAsia did not fly this month. [/restrict]