A total of six high school valedictorians were recently presented with the first ever Presidential Valedictorian Award with an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong with their family.


The award was presented to the following Class Valedictorians:


  1. Ms. Corliss Imerab Reichi, Emmaus-Bethania High School


  1. Mr. McQuinnley F. Mesengei, Emmaus-Bethania High School


  1. Ms. Kayla Roberts, Palau Mission Academy


  1. Ms. Janine Tewid, Mindszenty High School


  1. Ms. Ayana Kawaii Rengiil, Palau High School


  1. Ms. Vivica Doldanges Nakamura, Palau High School


President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. emphasized the importance of family in his letter congratulating the recipients for achieving the highest academic award of their respective class. “The most important component of this award is spending time with family and so through this award, I encourage you to spend quality time with your family, create lasting memories and strengthen your family bond,” he expressed.

As the future of Palau, President Remengesau further asked the recipients to excel above and beyond academics, “Keep Palau in mind and always strive for more than just excelling in academics. Commit yourself to learning more outside of school and build your own character as a member of your family and community. You are the future of Palau and as such Palau needs you. Be of service to our community and contribute to our nation’s growth and development.”

The Presidential Valedictorian Award is expected to be awarded annually to the graduating member of each respective high school who achieves the highest academic award of their class. This award is made possible by Sea Passion Hotel. [/restrict]