The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) held its 2018 Arts & Tides Calendar Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 28th. The theme for the Arts and Tides Calendar 2018 is “Taro Fields Protect Coral Reefs”. Results from a study conducted by PICRC showed taro fields not only provide a staple crop for Palauans, but also protect our reefs by reducing the amount of sediment that flows into our oceans.  

[restrict]  This contest has remained a tradition since PICRC opened in 2001, and continues to raise awareness on the on the work done at the Center. In addition to the theme, the calendars feature local tides, moon phases, closed and open fish seasons, information on regulated marine species, and national holidays.

For the 2018 Arts and Tides Calendar PICRC would like to congratulate the runner up winners of the calendar art contest: Kyrala Wataru (Grade 1, GBH), Frank Idesmang (Grade 2, GBH), Kan B. Umang (Grade 3, Koror), Ancyl Joseph Montel (Grade 4, Maris Stella) Shenaya Umei Ramon (Grade 5, Maris Stella), Sean Angelo Napil Maluchluw (Grade 6, Koror), Arenka Ayanna Filibert (Grade 7, Maris Stella), Aliyah Tadao ( Grade 8, AES),   Chiarra Daniel ( Grade 9, PHS),  Aksarawadee Mesa Kunsanan (Grade 10, BMS), Ji Eun Ha (Grade 11, PMA), Janine T. Tewid (Grade 12, MHS).  All of the runner up artwork will be featured on the backside of the calendar. Each of these students will receive a $50 cash prizes and a certificate.

We would also like to congratulate the first prize winners of the art contest: Tiara Teruko Inosencio (Grade 1, GBH), Faith E. Remarii (Grade 2, Ngaremlengui), Jowenna Augustine (Grade 3, GBH), Mcdeevon Shiro (Grade 4, Ngaremlengui), Emi Yonezawa (Grade 5, Maris Stella), Zanna Ise (Grade 6, Koror), Tasarla M. James (Grade 7, Airai), Zachariah T.B. Charles (Grade 8, Koror), Kazumi Chibana (Grade 9, PMA), Ailan Flowers (Grade 10, PMA), Dylan Tellei (Grade 11, PMA), Emeraldil Renguul (Grade 12, PHS).  All first prize artwork will be featured inside the calendar, with each grade representing one calendar month. Each of these students will receive a $75 cash prize along with a certificate.

Finally, we want to congratulate the overall winner of the 2018 Arts & Tides Calendar Ms. Da Yeon Han (Grade 11, PMA)! The overall winning art work  will be featured on the front cover of the 2018 Arts & Tides Calendar and Ms. Han will receive a $100 cash prize along with a certificate!

Thank you to all who participated. The judging is never an easy task, and we encourage everyone to continue submitting their artwork in the following years. We would like to give a special thank you to our supporters who throughout the years have continued to make the Arts and Tides Calendar possible. It is with the support of our generous donors that we are able to continue this tradition! [/restrict]