Andrew Tabelual picks his ballot number

The candidates for 2020 elections have been given their official ballot numbers at the Palau Election Commission Office on August 13.
For the Presidential seat, current Vice-President and Minister of Justice Raynold “Arnold” Oilouch was given number 1, taking number 2 was Alan Seid, Johnson Toribiong got number 3, and then Surangel Whipps Jr. was given number 4.
As for Vice President, Frank Kyota got number 1 while current Senator J. Uduch Sengebau Senior was given number 2. With only 2 candidates running this year, a primary election won’t be needed.
Those running for Senate were also given their official ballot number. Starting from 1 to 13 in order are: Rebluud Kesolei, current Senator Mason N. Whipps, current Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism Umiich Sengebau, Eugene “Ngiraklou Usin” Termeteet, Jonathan “Cio” Isechal, current Senator Phillip P. Reklai, TJ Imrur Remengesau, Salvador Tellames, Alexander Merep, Secilil Eldebechel, Ismael Remoket Muchucheu, current Senate President Hokkons Baules, and current Senator Mark Rudimch.
Taking 14 to 27 in order are the following: Moses Y. Uludong, Seit Andres, Aric Mos
Nakamura, current Senator Kerai Mariur, John Mengidab, K. TOPPS Sungino, current Senator Steven Kuartei, Andrew Tabelual, current Senator Regis Akitaya, current Senator John Skebong, current Senator Rukebai Inabo, current Senator Camsek Elias Chin, Francis Llecholch, and Joann Risong Tarkong.
House of Delegates got their ballot numbers as well. 27 candidates filed for their candidacy on election 2020. However, unlike the Senate, candidates running for the House of Delegates were given either number 1 or 2.
Additionally, some candidates running for Delegate remain unopposed such as Victoria “Vicky”Ngiratkakl-Kanai for Airai Delegate, Mengkur W. Rechelulk for Koror Delegate, Warren Umetaro for Aimeliik Delegate, Sebastian Marino for Hatohobei Delegate, and Yutaka Gibbons Jr. for Sonsorol Delegate.
The other remaining delegates will be running against someone in the upcoming 2020 elections. For Kayangel, Midas Ngiracheluolu got number 1 while number 2 went to Noah Kemesong. For Ngerchelong, number 1 went to Timothy Sinsak and number 2 went to Dilmai Saiske.
For Ngaraard, Jerome Esebei Temengil got number 1 while Gibson Kanai was given number 2.
For Ngiwal, Masasinge Arurang got number 1 then Ellender Ngirameketii got number 2. For Melkeok, Lentcer Basilius was given number 1 and Frutoso Toto Tellei got number 2. As for Ngchesar, Sabino Anastacio got number 1 while Rebecca Sebalt Ngirmechaet was given number 2.
For Ngardmau, Fermin Meriang got number 1 while Lucio Ngiraiwet was given the number 2.
Then for Ngeremlengui, number 1 was given to Portia Franz and Swenny Ongidobel got Number 2. For Ngatpang, Lee Otobed got number 1 while Jersey Iyar was given number 2.
For Peleliu, Nace Soalablai got number 1 and Joseph Mtoched Giramur was given number 2. Finally for Angaur, Mario Gulibert got 1 while Olkeriil Kazuo got number 2.
This year, the elections will be held on November 3, 2020.

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