Palau continues to experience major weather systems.  These weather systems threaten lives and properties of the citizens and residents of Palau.  In response to these major weather systems, evacuation centres are opened.  Immediately after every major weather event, initial damage assessments are undertaken to assess the impact on public infrastructure and households.  The Australian Government as well as the Government of Palau realise the need for immediate response. 

Ambassador Richelle Turner and Vice President J. Uduch Sengebau Senior signed a grant valued at USD50,000 from the Australian Government on Thursday, 26 January 2023 to be used to establish evacuation centres and to conduct initial damage assessments immediately prior to and after such weather events. The funds will remain with the Government of Palau for 2023 to be used in the event of a major weather event and with agreement by the National Emergency Committee. If there are remaining funds at the end of the calendar year, the Australian Embassy will work with the National Emergency Management Office to program the funds for preparedness activities, such as supporting training of Red Cross Disaster Action Teams (RDATs). 

The Australian Government is pleased to be able to continue to assist the Government of Palau in its disaster preparedness and response efforts.

For further information please contact the Australian Embassy, Palau at 488-4628 or

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