Twenty thousand USD ($20k) plus 5 Palauan money were presented as Tichiau last week when Ngarameketii of Koror accepted Alexander Merep as Ibedul, corrected the person close to the family, not $15k and 3 Palauan monies as reported in Island Times Friday issue.  Of the 5 Palauan monies, 1 was sisbellel, 1 was kingellel and the rest were techel a til (went into his bag).

In opposition, the faction led by Bilung Gloria Salii to seat her son Lebuu Littler as the Ibedul held a ceremony in Ngerchemai where he washed his hands in turtle blood and later went to Peleliu to obtain his “crown” per the tradition of those acquiring the Ibedul title.

The final step will be to have the appointee to the Ibedul title accepted by the Ngarameketii (Koror council of chiefs).  Given that Ngarameketii has already accepted Alexander Merep, the contest for the title is expected to be brought to court.

Meanwhile, Koror State Constitution states that the Koror House of Traditional Leaders  (HOTL) has the full authority to manage its affairs according to traditional law.  It further states that if two or more people are contesting the same title, no honorarium will be paid until a final judgment is issued by the court. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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