By: L.N. Reklai

September 11, 2017 (Koror, Palau) The 24th Mechesil Belau Conference is slated for Wednesday and Thursday this week with focus on over all Palauan well-being, “Dikesed ra Rechuodel el Mei” Ulukuruled: Bedenged, Uldesued, Omerelled, Omngeled, Tekinged ma Omengedmeklel a Delengchekled”.


One of the key issues is to address reducing customary stress on women, especially giving of money for customs.  Dr. Patrick Tellei will be providing information on amount of money collected for customs over the years, including Palauan money and toluk among others.

In the program, recommendations of specific actions to reduce customary stress are made such as stopping distribution of fake Palauan money, stopping  giving child money during first birth ceremony (only done when a person dies), restricting first birth ceremony events to families and not clans and also prohibit having a single funeral in more than one place and so on.

President Remengesau issued a memorandum to all of his Ministries to allow employees that are not in essential positions or service based positions to attend this event.

The event is a two-day event to be held on September 13 to 14 at Ngarachamayong Cultural Center. [/restrict]