The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) held the 25th Law Enforcement Academy Commencement Exercise at Palau Community College Cafeteria on October 5, 2018. The initiation was attended by leaders from the Senate, the House of Delegates, State Governors, Speakers, and friends and families of the new Cadets.

Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) Director Aloysius Aloys delivered his welcoming remarks and a brief honor of silence for one of their fallen comrade followed by a special message from Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch.

Oilouch first congratulated the Cadets, their commanders, and the Bureau of Public Safety’s staff for their effort and hard work. He further recommended to include in the codes of honor for the academy the term “Respect” as an important virtue for a law enforcement officer.

Here are the list of Certificate of Completion and Special Awards for the Cadets:

Certificate of Completion

  1. Nestor, Joy – Individual
  2. Trolii, Richirikl – Airport Police
  3. Lorenzo, Travis – Helen Reef Conservation Officer
  4. Augusto, Levine – Koror State Ranger
  5. Gibbons, Lebuu – Criminal Investigations Division, BPS/MOJ
  6. Taro, Lance Junior – Individual
  7. Aguon, shanon Tmodrang – Koror State Ranger
  8. Takeo, Grady-Hal – Conservation Officer, Koror State
  9. Anderson, Allen Davis – Koror State Ranger
  10. Demei, Weiden – Koror State Ranger
  11. Tkel, Arisei – Koror State Ranger
  12. Roman, Rick Mechesengel – Conservation Officer, Ngaremlengui State
  13. Oda, Kazuko Martang – Conservation Officer, Ngatpang State
  14. Leon, Jeraldez – Koror State Ranger
  15. Ikesiil, Delol Casey – Koror State Ranger
  16. Renguul, Shaquill – Conservation Officer, Ngaremlengui State
  17. Bai, Keyanges Asanuma – Koror State Ranger
  18. Omengkar, Abdul Marcil– Conservation Officer, Melekeok State
  19. Ngirarorou, Uong Junior – Individual
  20. Ililau, Dudley – Koror State Ranger

Special Awards

  1. Perfect Attendance
    1. Aquon, Shanon
    2. Bai, Keyanges
    3. Ililau, Dudley
  2. Physical Fitness
    1. Taro, Lance
  3. Outstanding Leadership
    1. Ililau, Dudley
  4. Against All Odds
    1. Ililau, Dudley
  5. Top Academics
    1. Bai, Keyanges
    2. Gibbons, Lebuu  (Press Release)