By: L.N. Reklai

Sewer Network Overhaul project to improve, rehabilitate and expand the sewer system in Koror has been awarded to contractors and is slated to begin on January 2017.

According to PPUC press release, PPUC awarded the construction contracts to two companies, Progetti Plant, SRL and Pacific Engineering Projects, Ltd, both international companies, this August 11, 2016.


Progetti was awarded ICB-01 Sewer Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Works at Malakal and Meyuns Area, ICB-02 Sewer Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Works at Koror was awarded to Pacific Engineering Projects, Ltd.

Remaining contracts to be awarded are ICB-03 Malakal Sewer Treatment Plant and ICB-04 Airai Sewer Treatment Plant and Sewage Network that will be piloted in Kesebelau and Ked areas.

Mobilization work for these ICB-01 and ICB-02 projects had begun and the actual construction will commence on January of next year.

ICB-01 package includes construction of new sewer pump stations replacing the old ones at Ngarkebesang, CIP Office and Cisco Gibbons residence in Malakal.  Included in this package is a new sewer pump station at Long Islands to service the park, hotel and growing businesses within the area.  New pressure main pipes and gravity pipes will be laid under the causeway to Malakal to accommodate the growing amount of sewage in the system.  This project is set to finish by March of 2018.

The second package, ICB-02, to be constructed by Pacific Engineering Projects, Ltd, will replace all the existing gravity and pressure pipes in the system and build and install a new sewer pump station in Meketii hamlet.  This project is expected to be completed by December of next year.

The remaining two packages to be awarded include construction and management of the Malakal Sewer Plant, the construction and management of Airai (Kesebelau) sewer plant and new sewer network in Kesebelau and Ked communities of Airai State.

This major infrastructure improvement project is funded by Asian Development Bank as part of its country development soft loans program approved for Palau and will cost $28 million dollars. [/restrict]