By: L.N. Reklai

January 15, 2018 (Koror, Palau) Fast broadband connectivity is only important to some and not all as it seems not everyone is enamored of facebook or other multimedia applications made possible by 3g and 4g technology.


Last week, Palau National Telecommunications Corporation (PNCC) announced that its 2g service was now restored in Koror and Airai.  Palau Telecom (PT Waves) is announcing that its 2G+Wifi/Internet service will launch on January 20th.

Palau Telecom owner Sam Masang earlier stated that they had invested on a 2g system which they expected to add with their own wide coverage of wifi networks in Koror and Airai to create a hybrid 2g plus wifi access that meets both 2g needs as well as broadband needs of customers.

Mr. Masang also reported that their system was ready to go but were awaiting interconnection contract with PNCC.  Interconnection contract would allow customers of Palau Telecom 2G system to access PNCC customers and vice versa.

Palau Telecom or PT Waves is announcing soft launch of their 2g+wifi system on January 20th.  The launch will take place at Bethlehem Park at 5pm.

In anticipation of faster internet speeds via Belau Submarine Cable (providing fiber optic connectivity), PNCC upgraded its mobile system to 3g and 4g board band internet systems. In doing so, it removed its 2g system, which unexpectedly drew a backlash from some members of the public.

PNCC replaced over 3,000 phones free of charge to try to mitigate people complains about the cost of upgrading their phones from 2g phones to smart phones.

Senate President Hokkons Baules had his committee conduct a public hearing with PNCC on the issue of restoring the 2g system to accommodate those that felt the need for it.  Initially PNCC stated that it was too costly to restore and maintain and asked that OEK provide funding to restore the system.  Later on, it agreed to restore the 2g system.

Last week it reported that the 2g system is now online in Koror and Airai.  Palau customers will now have options of three cellular systems, 2g, 3g and 4g LTe. [/restrict]