Three individuals have filed their petitions for the upcoming special election for Koror State on July 24th.  The special election is fill the seat of legislator of Ikelau hamlet of Koror State, recently vacated due to untimely passing of its former legislator, Vann Isaac in May. 

The 3 contenders are Carson Olkeriil, Richard Alonz and Landon Decherong, all of which are residents of Ikelau hamlet.  Carson Olkeriil, a volunteer youth organizer, ran for the seat last election and lost to Vann Isaac.  Landon Decherong is an IT at the national hospital and Richard Alonz works for the Palau National Aviation Administration.

Koror State Constitution states that if a vacancy occurs with more than 180 days remaining in the term, an election must take place within 45 days of the vacancy.

All the Registration and Nominating Petition including absentee ballot request deadlines are 15 days before the election day which all fell on July 10, 2020. 

Whoever wins this election, will serve the remaining term of late Vann Isaac until November 2021.

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