• $321,000 to fund projects for Palauan in Saipan & Guam

Four million three hundred thousand ($4.3 million) dollars is proposed to supplement FY 2019 Budget, to fund recurring programs and one-time projects of the Palau national government according to the recently transmitted bill to the national congress from the Office of the President.

Sources of funding for the proposed expenditures come from Compact direct economic assistance and COFA drawdown as result of the approval of the Compact Review Agreement last year.

Out of the $4.3 million, little over a quarter of a million is proposed to assist Palauans in Guam and Saipan.  $246,000 is provide assistance to Palauan victims of the Typhoon Yutu in Saipan.  $50,000 will go toward construction of the Saipan-Belau Bai and $25,000 will go toward the ongoing construction of Palau Community Center in Guam.

Other major items proposed to be funded by the supplemental include $455,000 to Palau Visitors Authority for marketing efforts in Palau key markets, $280,000 for the Micronesian Voyaging Society with Palau Community College, $622,000 for Ngchesar State earthmoving equipments, $200,000 for 25th Independence Day Celebration, $200,000 for Pacific Games and $100,000 for Oceans 2020 Conference.

Funding include also health, education, states, and other key agencies recurring programs.

The bill was sent to both Senate and House leaderships for action. (L.N. Reklai)