A directive establishing a working group to look into the possibility of a temporary 4-day workweek for the executive branch was signed by President Remengesau Jr. yesterday.

The group consisting of the Chief of Staff of the President, Minister of Finance, Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs, Director of Bureau of Public Service and Director of National Treasury is tasked to “examine and assess” the “basic workweek” and recommend to the President possible ways to implement a temporary 4 Day Work Week Program during the pandemic period.

The group is to look at all options, the overall productivity level of government employees and “alternative options to utilize employees’ work time that will contribute to overall nation building efforts.”

The directive states that COVID-19 pandemic has “radically” disrupted “social and workplace norms, forcing employees to adjust work schedules, expand remove work opportunities and restructure workflows to adjust to the new demands.”

The current “basic workweek” may not be the most efficient during this pandemic especially when the regular services have been disrupted.

“The temporary adjustments to the “basic workweek” have been suggested for this period of pandemic for social, cultural, environmental, food-security and government cost-saving measures.”

The working group is tasked to provide their assessment and recommendation report to the President on or before June 15, 2020.