By: L.N. Reklai

July 28, 2016 (Koror) With 4 days remaining to file petition of candidacy for the national congress , the Office of the President and Vice President, only 2 have filed for the Office of the President, 3 filed for the Office of Vice President, 12 have filed for the 13 Senate seats, and 13 have filed for 16 seats in the House. restrict]

Of the 12 filed so far for the Senate, 4 are incumbents, J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior, Rukebai Inabo and Phillip Reklai.  8 are new candidates, Rebecca Sebalt, Steve Kanai, Frank Kyota, Seit Andres, Joan Tarkong, Aric Nakamura, Alan Seid, and John Skebong.

Of the 13 that have filed for House of Delegates, 10 that are still unopposed are Lucio Ngiraiwet of Ngardmau, Jonathan Isechal of Peliliu, Lencter Basilius of Melekeok, Victoria Kanai of Airai, Alex Merep of Koror State, Marino Ngemaes of Aimeliik, Yutaka Gibbons Jr. of Sonsorol, Portia Franz of Ngeremlengui, Masao Salvador of Ngarchelong and Gibson Kanai of Ngaraard.  Only State so far with more than one candidate is Ngiwal State with Masasinge Arurang, Francis Llecholech and Krispin Termeteet.

For the Office of the President, incumbent President Tommy Remengesau Jr. is still to file as well as the newly announced candidate Antonio Bells.

For the Office of the Vice President, all the three candidates that have declared have all filed their petitions.

Deadline to file for all the mentioned offices is Wednesday, August 3, 2016. [/restrict]