A 5-month-old baby girl in Pennsylvania died of starvation days after her parents died in the house of heroin overdoses.

The infant’s parents, Jason Chambers, 27, and Chelsea Cardaro, 19, were all found dead in the home on Thursday, according to police.


Baby Summer reportedly died after being without food or water for days and police said the parents had been dead for a week when they were found.

According to reports, there had been prior drug abuse at the home. Chambers had to be revived with Narcan last month to treat another overdose, according to police.

During a press conference, District Attorney Kelly Callihan, said at the time of that incident, Children and Youth Services did meet with the family.

“They checked out the house, and it was appropriate to a child living there. There was plenty of food and the child seemed well taken care of,” Callihan said.

Neighbors believed that the family was out of town because no one had seen them, according to reports.

‘It’s an unfortunate incident where they both possibly overdosed at the same time – and being from out of town, not having anybody in town – it was too long for anybody to notice that they were missing,’ Johnstown police Captain Chad Miller told the Tribune-Democrat. [/restrict]