Mr. Koji Sakamoto, OFCF master refrigeration technician, and counterpart Mr. ErbaiYukiwo, BMR Fisheries Extension Agent, installed new rainwater pump inside Peleliu ice plant and replaced the water catchment outside the co-op store.

Six much needed ice machines located in the States of Airai, Ngeremlengui, Ngarchelong, Kayangel, Angaur and Peleliu have been repaired with financial support of the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) of Japan government, in partnership with Bureau of Marine Resources.

According to Palau Bureau of Marine Resources (BMR) Director Leon Remengesau, the Japan Government through BMR’s partner, the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF), spent a total of 53,300 dollars in repairs and maintenance to the much relied on ice machines located across the nation in 2019.

Expenses report provided to the Director from Mr. Minoru Hatano, OFCF expert, show a combined amount of 21,600 dollars was spent on parts and maintenance items on the ice machines belonging to the above states except Peleliu.

$10,400 dollars was expended on Peleliu Co-op alone because of the installation of a new rainwater catchment and piping system, including a new rainwater pump. As of now, only one of the two ice makers is operating. BMR and the OFCF decided to retire the older one using the HCFC refrigerant which is not ozone friendly and is being phased out around the world.

Ngarchelong fishing base ice plant in Ollei also had its rainwater pump replaced with a new one and in the OFCF expert’s January 23, 2020 mission conclusion report to the BMR, all ice plants in the country have passed the annual checkup and maintenance and are running well.

Significant items also of note in the 2019 annual repairs and maintenance aid from the Japan Government referred to as the Fisheries Development Assistance to Pacific Island Nations (FDAPIN) are an echo sounder worth $9400 for BMR’s project deploying FADs and a recovery pump for HCFC refrigerant costing $11,900, which will be used to collect the HCFC that will no longer be used in the ice machines to be phased out.

Director Remengesau thanked the OFCF expert for another productive visit and hopes the communities enjoying the ice machines will appreciate the efforts of the OFCF in maintaining their benefits.