By Francis Talasasa


August 25th [Koror] A 7th Annual Taiwan Alumni Association in Palau Convention (TAAP) was held 25th of August 2016 in Koror attended by the ambassador of the Republic of China, Honorable Michael Y.K. Tseng, The Minister of Education of the Republic of Palau, Honorable Sinton Soalablai, President of the Taiwan Alumni Association in Palau and vice president, senior officials, the 7th Annual Taiwan Alumni Association members and guests.


More than 40 participants attended the convention with highlights of motivating presentations describing the convention as a memorable learning and an interactive environment experienced during their trip to Taiwan.

Each presenter shared understandings how they have developed their knowledge and skills in all aspects of their field.

Minister of education of the Republic of Palau thanked Taiwan Ambassador Honorable Tseng for the great program initiatives since 1999 when Palau established its diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Palau has benefited through Human resources development and they do see this is as an asset for nation building process.

Honorable Tseng said he is very happy of the ongoing program for Taiwan and Palau more especially on the human resources development programs. Tseng said nation building is a most important development for a country. He made examples about a country which 50 years ago grew up without resources mostly relying on small scale farming. It was a vision and belief from early leaders that education should be prioritized and be given serious budget allocations to carry out education related programs. Today that country has become one of the most leading economic power nations in the world, he said.

The 3 presenters, Mr. Tutii Joe Chilton, attended the ‘145th National Development Course,

Dr. Myra Adelbai attended the ‘2016 workshop on Chronic Disease Control’ and Ms. Brynn Elilai Demei attended ‘2015 Taiwan study camp For Future Leaders’.

Vice President Mr. Matthew F. Arurang sincerely thanked and appreciates Honorable Tseng and former ambassador for making all this programs possible. “It has benefited us a lot through one way or another, every year TAAP is having newly intakes and through presentations delivered tonight it has shown that the program has made a positive step forward for the people of Palau”. [/restrict]