Two senators expressed dissatisfaction over some of  the responses of the Vice President Raynold Oilouch during the public hearing regarding a seized fishing vessel released by the Minister of Justice in May.


Senators Camsek Chin and Regis Akitaya in a letter to Oiluch a week after a  Senate public hearing held based on an earlier requests of senators for the Justice Ministry to answer concerns on the release of the fishing vessel.

Chin and Akitaya said despite Oilouch’s willingness to appear before the Senate to answer issues raised on the case, the vice president who is also the minister of justice did not satisfy all concerns the senators have earlier raised prior to the hearing.

“We are writing today to convey our appreciation of your efforts in agreeing to attend a public hearing on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 , on the issue of Mater Rustin 2. While we are pleased you sided with transparency and openness in appearing at the hearing to answer questions, your explanations and answers to questions in our previous correspondence or (lack thereof)  are troubling,” the letter stated.

In the latest concern raised by Akitaya and Chin, Oilouch is asked to explain what legal authority did not ministry have in confiscating the fish from the vessel when it was claimed during the public hearing by government prosecutor that the released vessel did not violate  any law of Palau which was the ground why no charges where filed when spotted by the marine law officers in Palau waters.

Another concern, they want Oilouch to answer was whether the government action on the vessel was in accordance with the United Nations Convention Law of The Sea (Unclos).

Oilouch, who is off-island  was not immediately available for response. (by: D.Carreon) [/restrict]