A group of family and friends from our neighboring island, Guam, arrived in Palau to celebrate Mr. & Mrs. Rick Nauta’s 25th wedding anniversary. Rick and Rita genuinely love Palau and have been coming here for the last 20 years therefore, deciding on a destination to celebrate their silver anniversary was a no-brainer!

After several days out in our pristine waters—the day before Rick and Rita’s 25th wedding anniversary ceremony—the group decided to join the Airai Bai Cultural Tour. It began with a tour with their guide, Ms. Velma Obak, down the stone pathway then, continued to the Bai where Velma spoke about the history of the Bai and more about Palauan culture. Chairman Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl, Managing DirectoR Stephanie Nakamura, Operations and Programs Director Kadoi Ruluked, and State and Community Manager Kate Mad were also present to guide and assist the tour.

Following the tour of the Bai, they strolled down to Uchul a Ngas, where awaiting them was an authentic Palauan lunch. The lunch was served in traditional food containers made out of natural, biodegradable materials, hosted by the women of Airai, Ngarayaml Association.

Th Airai Bai Cultural Tour will launch officially in January. Based on a number of trial runs with locals and guests of different nationalities, PVA is highly anticipating this cultural tour will be popular amongst visitors. It is surely one place on the island where you can experience Palauan culture served with great service and hospitality or as Ms. Sandra Okada says, “a cultural explosion of history, sights, and flavors.” (PR)