Aimeliik State (Google Map)

Aimeliik State government will hold its general election next month, November 12 in one of the quietest pre-election season the state have seen since the inception of its constitutional government.

Candidates for 12thAimeliik Constitutional government include two gubernatorial candidates, the incumbent Governor Demei Obak and  Aimeliik Legislator Browny Simer.

Asked why it was so quiet, one of the candidates who did not want to be named said the reason for the election season being so quiet is that the two gubernatorial contenders were part of one party until few months ago when they split into two contending camps.

For the legislature seats, there are 8 candidates for 4 at large seats and 7 candidates for 5 hamlet representatives.  Candidates for at large include new comers Scott Weers, Lucio Tem Obakerbau, Herson Ngirairikl Soaladaob, Siriano Kailang, Olngellel Mongami and two incumbent legislators Jefferson Eriich and Wridon Ngiralmau.

For the five hamlet seats, Medorm hamlet candidate Alvin Samsel is running unopposed, Jesse Joseph and Kyle Ongesii are both fighting for one Ngchemiangel hamlet seat and Leilani Senior is running unopposed for Elechui hamlet.  Nickolas Eriich is running unopposed for Ngerkeai hamlet seat and Jason Techur Timulch and Laiter Dolmers are contending for one Imul hamlet seat.

All the candidates proclaim their interest and desire to represent their communities, some with bold statements as to improve the future of Aimeliik.  So far no specific details as to how each candidate will bring improvement to the State with exception of Lucio Obakerbau who outlined some specific issues he wanted to address at the public radio talk show last month.

This current 11th government to date had passed 20 laws, 12 of which are budget and supplemental budget bills.  8 of the 20 passed laws include laws increasing salaries of legislators and governor, law imposing impact fee on major developments in Aimeliik state, law increasing licensing rates for motor vehicles and motor boats, law to regulate outside signage, law to designate a state holiday named after former Vice President Alfonso Oiterong and law increasing commercial fishing permit fee.

A total of 21 resolutions were also adopted in this past 4 years of the 11thAimeliik State government.

Aimeliik is at 5th place against other 15 States with 929 total registered voters.Estimated 51% of these registered voters reside outside of Palau.

It is home to Palau’s main power plant, IPSECO and seat of Palau government’s agriculture division at Nekken. It also hosts Taiwan Technical Mission and OISCA Palau International, both agricultural entities. In few months it will hostthe largest national solid waste management site in Palau.

It has also leased over 2.8 million square meters of its land to PRC investors for golf course, resorts, hotels and other investments.  To date, none of these projects have started construction. (L.N. Reklai)