Grace in Hebrew term means “to bend, to stoop.” In London the royalty is known to be of sophistication, aloofness, distances. On occasion, the royalty in England will make the news because someone in the ranks like Queen Elizabeth will stop, kneel down, and touch or bless a commoner.

Donald Barnhouse perhaps said it best, “Love that goes upward is worship, love that goes outward is affection; love that stoops is grace.”


Those who knows me knows that I love a good story. I also love a good movie. And I do enjoy participating in an even heated discussion over a topic that is important to my heart. It’s amazing that when two people are free to disagree, they can continue the discourse on a sensitive topic that allows one to see something different, and grow. It’s a mind-enlarging process. It’s what Wilder calls, “Joy Building” meaning: even in disagreement we are still delighted to be with each other and there we grow. When we are so inhibited or pent-up with our position, we miss out on a lot of good things. Grace frees me to disagree and to speak openly of my Christ and my feelings even in places that disagree with me.

In my daily prayer I say, “Lord show me where you are working in my life today.” I need to know, to be aware of what’s going on within me. Through the years, I’ve been struggling with how others criticize, revile, or vilify me. Even though I told myself I could handle the situation, I denied that it was silently grinding the back of my mind. Yesterday I watched the movie, “Joy Luck Club” from Amy Tan’s novel with the same title and heard these words, “Are you afraid that she feels the way you feel about yourself?” WOW! It’s like a door opened wide for me to walk in and to keep walking away from those verbal, emotional and psychological abuses acquired as a young girl, that tend to follow me into my old age. In reflection, I asked, “do I hate myself that I always think people hate me?” What a tragic life! We do learn to hate (ourselves and others) from those who did not accept us. They had a NO FACE.

Grace-full homes are those that are built on grace and spring from a right relationship with God. Curse-full relationships are those that are run on the basis of wrong values, legalism… all the do’s and don’ts our religion and culture require – shaming, looking down on those who just can’t seem to be fit in. Ungraceful souls are neat pickers. They only see the thorns and never see nor smell the sweet fragrance of a rose. I have always wondered why our language is more on the cursing side instead of grace-full and accepting side. I mean, we call intimate relationship as delngerenger.

Do I extend favor or kindness to one who doesn’t deserve it and can never earn it? Does my FACE invites others into my world of grace? [/restrict]