The receipt of 56 absentee ballots from Ngatpang State General Election on Tuesday propelled gubernatorial candidate Jersey Iyar ahead of incumbent Governor Francesca Otong by 18 votes, upsetting the race results for Governor of Ngatpang State.

All the votes are in for Ngatpang State General Election, and the unofficial results show Jersey Iyar clearly ahead of the incumbent governor Otong by 18 votes.

The absentee ballots did not change the standing of most of the candidates, but they did change one candidate’s status.  Hera Osubediang was at the bottom after the November 8 votes count.  She received 29 votes from the absentee ballots, pushing her up to the number 9 position, making her one of the candidates for the nine seats in the Ngaptang Legislature.  Candidate Jenkins Emesiochel fell from 9th place to join Siles Ngirareming.  The top nine are Edwin Arurang with 249 votes, John Techitong with 237, Elin Kloulechad with 204, Razi “C-Boy” Rimirch with 202, Della Kyota with 193, Van-Ray Tado with 182, Carlo D. Otobed with 164, Jerry Nabeyama with 169 and Hera Subediang with 125.

Ngatpang has a total of 538 registered voters, and 319 cast their votes in this general election.  Of the 319 votes cast, 56 or 17% were absentee ballots. 

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