Former Koror State Governor Yoshitaka Adachi yesterday officially announced his candidacy for the Office of the Governor of Koror in the upcoming 12th General Election in November 2021.

He is the second candidate to publicly announce his candidacy after Jennifer Sugiyama who made her declaration last month.

Former Governor Adachi made his public declaration through TMC television station channel 38, saying that he chose yesterday to make the announcement due to the significance of the date, his father’s birthday.

In his statement, former governor said that he “missed the people of Koror” and that his desire to run is based on the need to improve Koror State and to create a “government of opportunity to improve the lives of its residents, especially its young people.”

Mr. Adachi is a veteran politician who served as governor of Koror State for 12 years or 3 consecutive terms.  He stepped out of the Office of Governor because of term limits imposed by Koror State Constitution.  He is 59 years old and the most senior of all candidates vying for Koror State’s highest political office.

Other names that have been rumored as intended candidates include former Koror State speaker Eyos Rudimch, current Governor Franco Gibbons and current Speaker Alan Marbou.  These three have yet to declare their candidacy. (By: Eoghan Olkeriil Ngirudelsang)

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