A flurry of buoyant bulbs start drifting upwards and suddenly the reef is transformed into an underwater snow storm consisting of coral eggs and sperm. Coral spawning is the process through which our beautiful reefs reproduce. It is a natural event that, as such, has a tendency to be a bit unpredictable.  

[restrict]What we can take into consideration is seasons, moon cycle, time of day and water temperature. Coral spawning in Palau tends to occur between one day to a week after the full moon and a few hours after sunset. While these mass events are not always easy to predict, these few factors allow us a chance to become lucky observers.

Join PICRC staff this month for a unique opportunity to watch corals spawn right here at the Center. Researchers at PICRC have been collecting corals to try and understand a bit more about their early life stages. Now, they are expecting these corals to spawn between April 12th and April 18th. Come to the Palau International Coral Reef Center for a night of drinks, lectures and a chance to witness this natural phenomenon first hand.  Doors will open at 6 and the lectures will begin at 7. Spawning is expected to start sometimes after 8 so don’t miss out!

Since this event is unpredictable, we will announce the exact date one day prior to the event.

Check our Facebook (www.facebook.com/picrc for updates or contact Anna Parker: (680) 488-6950 aparker@picrc.org There will be a $2:00 entry fee. [/restrict]