By: L.N. Reklai

August 8, 2016 (Ochelochel, Airai)  Airai Forest Villa, a cottage type hotel accommodation opens at an enviable spot on the hillside of Ochelochel, Airai, overlooking Koror-Airai bay.


The opening was witnessed by many local officials, foreign dignitaries, business people and even new customers.

The hotel is made up of 25 independent cottages spread around an acre of land overlooking the Koror-Airai bay, with one main building hosting the reception and dining room areas.

The business is an investment of 4 partners, one ROC national Mr. Stone, 2 PRC nationals (not named) and a Palauan national, Lakius Malsol.

The facility adds to the list of hotel room inventories in Palau and provides a different type of accommodation for a different type of clientele, creating a diverse market for Palau’s growing tourism industry. [/restrict]