Known as the Stepping Stone to Palau, Airai State in the southernmost part of Babeldaob has recently has collaborated with Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) for the One-Stop Shop Program, a tourist product designed to provide visitors insight to some of the best cultural treasures hidden on Babeldaob Island on day tours to various states, through a ticket purchased at the PVA Office in Medalaii, Koror.

In order to commence the beneficial relationship between tourism and the Airai community, on November 21, 2018, the PVA Managing Director Ms. Stephanie B. Nakamura signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Airai State and PVA together with Ngiraked Yukiwo P. Dengokl and Governor Tmewang Rengulbai. Ms. Nakamura was joined by PVA Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl and Board Member Mr. Ngelechel Etpison.

Airai State preserves the oldest bai, Bai Ra Rengarairrai (built over 180 years ago and renovated in 1984) and several sites of cultural and historic importance. In fact, there exists 113 surveyed and identified historic sites of which twenty-two have been registered in the Palau Register of Historic Places. This is a program to bring tourists on a regular basis to the Bai Ra Rengarairrai will be launched in January 2018.

Recent improvements to the Airai Bai site include construction of restroom facilities, landscaping and outdoor seating. Furthermore, two tour guides will be located at the site in order to provide informational tours to visitors.

PVA is a semi-autonomous body created by law to promote and encourage the development and marketing of tourism as one of the primary economic sectors of the Republic. For additional information, please contact 488-1930/2793 or email to (PR)