The Airai State Cultural tour hosted distinguished local entrepreneurs and tourism industry representatives on Thursday, February 28th.

Ms. Miel Sequeira-Holm, a young social entrepreneur and founder of Pura Vida Palau, her mother Ms. Tarita Holm, Mr. Scott Weers, the founder and owner of Belau Tribe, Ms. Sylvia Kloulubak, a remarkable jewelry creator, all attended the cultural state tour. Also among these respective talents was Palauan businessman and former Senator, Mr. Surangel Whipps Jr. Tourism industry representatives whom attended were from Palau International Tour.

All guests of this tour sincerely applauded PVA for its marked efforts in developing tourism beyond Palau’s waters and for creating a means where states in Babeldaob and its community members can benefit.

PVA thanks you all for the support! To continue to support the Airai community book your tour now! Refer your friends/family to this gleaming example of sustainable tourism and cultural tourism! For luncheon + tour reservations (only available on Thursdays/Sundays), please call PVA at 488-2793/1930 in advance to reserve your spot (open from Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)!

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