Known locally as Belias State, Airai State is known for its meyas (rabbitfish), sang (spider conch), historical sites and wildlife. On Friday, July 22nd, Airai State will host and bring its best performers and tasty local cuisine to the Palauan Night Market at Ernguul Central Park. In addition, by invitation of Airai State, special guests Ngatpang and Sonsorol States will also be featured.


PVA and Airai State invite and welcome all to join us for an evening filled with local entertainment and sharing of our culture and hospitality with our visitors. Performances include traditional dance, line dancing (matematong), Men’s war dance (ruk), and a war canoe paddling demonstration). In addition, there will be favorite Palauan foods and handicrafts – Airai style!

Anyone interested in participating as a vendor, registration is open until noon of Friday, July 22nd, 2016. We encourage early registration to secure your booth space. For additional information about the night market schedules and programs, or how to sell or display your products, please contact PVA at 488-1930 or 488-2793. For information about the evening’s program, call Eleanor Ngirametuker of Airai State at 587-3611. [/restrict]