Alan Marbou and Eyos Rudimch will be on the ballot in the upcoming 12th Koror State General election in November this year to vie for the Office of the Governor.

After the first Koror State gubernatorial primary this week, the two, a current Speaker Alan Marbou and a former Speaker Eyos Rudimch edged out three opponents winning the chance to be on the gubernatorial ballot in November.

Predictions and bets of who the top two vote-getters out of the five contenders, former governor Yoshitaka Adachi, incumbent Governor Franco Gibbons, former Speaker Eyos Rudimch, current Speaker Alan Marbou, and Legislator and only female contender Jennifer Sugiyama, leaned toward Eyos Rudimch and former governor Yositaka Adachi.  A poll from Dias Broadcasting showed Sugiyama leading with incumbent Governor Gibbons in second place.

This election had a low turnout, around 48% came out to vote or 2,890 votes were cast out of 6,049 registered voters.

Final results from the primary election, showed Eyos Rudimch leading the pack with 995 votes followed by Alan Marbou with 571.  Adachi got 507 votes, Gibbons got 439, and Sugiyama ith 282.

Alan Marbou who kept a low-key performance surprised many by pushing past the incumbent governor and an experienced former governor to secure a place on the final ballot.

The outcome of the race for the Office of Koror State Governor is up for grabs by each of the two remaining contenders.

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