Sailed through typhoon winds on the back home

July 11, 2016 (Koror) Aligano Maisui and its crew returned safely home to a welcoming crowd of family, friends and national leadership after an eventful sailing voyage across half of Micronesia to attend the 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts in Guam.

Sailing for over 3 months across 1,164 miles of open-ocean, Aligano Maisui has had an eventful, yet successful voyage due to masterful skills of its master navigator and crew.  Tragically losing one of its crew in Guam, it continued on to 2016 FESTPAC and returned with half of its crew replaced, through typhoon-winds and still made it back on scheduled time.


“We are so happy we made it despite many challenges,” stated Tony Sewralur, Sesario’s brother and crew member.

“Like life, the voyage of Aligano Maisui and its crew reflects the ups and down, highs and lows of life but at the end, a successful voyage,” expressed President Remengesau during the brief welcoming ceremony of Aligano Maisui, its Master Navigator Sesario Sewralur and crew.

“We are proud of what you have accomplished. We can be happy knowing that our way of life, our culture and traditions are part of our future,” remarked Remengesau on the accomplishment of Maisui and its crew.

Shallum Etpison, president of the Palau Voyaging Society, added his welcome. He stated that despite few close calls, the crew with their support team on land have worked together to complete their successful journey.

Joining the families and friends to welcome Maisui and its crew, were the President of the Republic Tommy Remengesau Jr., Vice President Tony Bells, High Chief Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons, High Chief Reklai Ngirmang Rafael, Ministers Baklai Temengil-Chilton, Sinton Soalablai, Billy Kuartei, Greg Ngirmang and members of the Palau Voyaging Society, Shallum Etpison, Dr. Victor Yano, and PCC President Patrick Tellei, staffs and supporters. [/restrict]