By: L.N. Reklai

All Nippon Airways commenced its inaugural flight services to Palau on August 30, 2016 carrying over 200 passengers and crew.

ANA CEO Osamu Shinobe expressed that ANA will work hard to provide quality services between Palau and Japan.  “This is all due to President Remengesau’s strong request to Their Imperial Majesties’ the Emperor and Empress of Japan during their visit in 2015,” stated ANA CEO Shinobe at the inaugural reception at Japan’s Ambassador Tajiri on Tuesday night.


“ANA has been focusing on the business destination market.  We have been seriously considering going into resort destination market. We hope to continue such effort coming to Palau and will work hard to bring more flights to Palau,” added Shinobe.

Minister of State Billy Kuartei, speaking on behalf of President Remengesau, extended warm welcome to ANA CEO Shinobe and ANA, expressing that Palau is very happy to welcome All Nippon Airways and that such effort further strengthens relationship between Palau and Japan.

ANA will fly 6 times this month to Palau, flying out of Tokyo and Nagoya directly to Palau.  It is reported to be the biggest airline company in Japan with 250 planes in its fleet and 36,000 employees. [/restrict]