The fingers are often pointed at the Philippines when the officials talk about methamphetamine entry in Palau which is a fact. But, United States of America (USA) as well happens to be a country of origin from where methamphetamine enters Palau.

The postal inspector Sherry Sisior said, “Most of the drugs that I have seized here at the post office are from the United States.”

Sisior referred to the official data from the post office and told the Island Times that the last postal package containing meth that arrived from Philippines was in 2015 and the amount acquired was 438.3 grams.

The estimated street value of one gram meth is $1000.

The data revealed four instances of drug being in 2015 and out of the four, three arrived from the USA in 15.39, 14.38 and 17.61 grams.

The postal inspector who has been working with the post office since 2015 witnessed further pouring of meth in the country via post from the USA itself.

The year 2017 topped the list with six cases of meth trafficking via postal services with a total of 225.24 grams being seized.

However, there has been only one case in 2018 and the counting for the year 2019 has started with 5.1 gram being seized in the month of March.

The total of meth that has been captured by the officials at the post from the year 2015 to now is 977.89 grams and the data sheet reveals the street value of that much weight to $972,000.00

Sisior said that only the packages that look suspicious are taken in for x-ray and clarified that her official position or the post do not have the authority to open the package.

According to Sisior, the packages that might seem suspicious arrive for bogus name and people who don’t exist.

In an interview with Island Times, former President Johnson Toribiong spoke about the idea of having police to monitor the police and other agencies.

Sisior who has worked with a drug enforcement task force said,

“I don’t believe that there is any compromise with the packages. We don’t open packages when it arrives, we have to get a search warrant.”

Sisior stressed on the fact that she never works alone once the package seems suspicious and the customs is approached for the x-ray. The search as well is done by 4-5 people and officials from different agencies are present for the documentation.

The postal packages that get inside Palau are checked by United States Customs and Border Protection. In a brief meeting with the Island Times, the Post Master General expressed his gratitude for the service provided. (Eshan Kalyanikar)