By: L.N. Reklai

July 14, 2017 (Angaur, Palau) A group of 84 citizens of Angaur State in a signed petition requested the national lawmakers to create a law permitting medicinal use of marijuana in their State.


Citing the need to improve their economy, lighten financial hardships and stop outmigration of their people to USA and Guam, the group believe legalizing medicinal use of marijuana in Angaur will assist their people.

The proposal also reports that Guam has legalized use of medical marijuana as well as other 29 states of the United States. The proposal also said that out of the 29 States, 8 have also approved recreational use of marijuana.

The group of citizens according the petition state that such law will bring a new class of visitors to their State to get medical marijuana.

The letter was written by Jackson Henry on behalf of petitioners and was sent to the Speaker Sabino Anastacio of the House of Delegates. [/restrict]