The Palau Visitors Authority is pleased to announce that Angaur State will be hosting the October 28th Palauan Night Market at Ernguul Central Park, from 5pm – 9pm.


Known locally as Edeaur, this outer island of beauty and history is located southwest of Peleliu outside Palau’s fringe reef. Someone of the most spectacular blowholes crash on the rough shorelines. The beaches are known for clean, white sand and cool, fresh air. This is where the legend of Uab originated from, a story of a giant who fell into the sea and formed the archipelago of Belau.  Angaur’s recent history is found in World War II relics, old phosphate mines, and old German lighthouse, shrines, and stone platforms. Angaur is also known for its delicious land crabs and sea life.

In addition to entertaining dance performances, the Palauan Night Market will feature a live band, and a variety of vendors displaying and selling their local products. PVA will also continue the Open Microphone from 5pm – 6pm, giving rising stars the opportunity to sing, dance, chant, or tell a story or joke!

If you would like to join as a vendor, please contact Kate at 488-1930/2793. [/restrict]