The elderly celebrated their annual Thanksgiving Luncheon at the old age center on Tuesday November 26th. The event, which started at the early morning, featured a live band along with complimentary food and beverages.

Everything was made possible through the hard work of the following agencies and individuals: Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs, Bureau of aging, disability, and gender, Vice President Arnold Oilouch, Senator Uduch Sengebau, and Minister Umiich Sengebau.

The purpose of this celebration with the elderly is to make sure they have a good time. Keizy Shiro, chief of the division of ageing says that the results of their surveys show that the elderly are not well off so that they wanted to take the opportunity to put this event together so that they all can enjoy.

Normally the old age center caters to the elderly of Koror, but since it’s the holiday season the elderly residing in different states were contacted to come join the festivities. The event was a success, the elderly got a chance to enjoy their food and danced to the music the band was playing.