Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold Oilouch will conduct his first annual police inspection exercise on March 21.

Oilouch in an interview said that he would also make major announcements on that day to the law enforcement officers in Palau.


The annual inspection is to check that the police officers are in fit condition; uniforms are in compliance with standards that cops are supposed to follow.

Oilouch added that there would also be guest speakers on that event.

The Vice President took office of the Ministry of Justice in January and vowed to continue fight against drugs and other crimes to keep the country safe.

He said during his first weeks in the ministry he held dialogues with the officers to find out the challenges they face but at the same time find solutions and wants to assist.

Oilouch said that one of the challenges in the ministry is the lack of manpower, which he aims to resolve with the help of lawmakers in ensuring that there will be an increase in budget to hire more police officers.


He is also advocating for salary increases to make the job attractive to possible recruits. [/restrict]