A report of a burning house in Ikoranges, Airai next to Camp Katuu was made on the morning Tuesday, November 12. The house is said to belong to Mr. Riumd Stephanus Gabriel who was at Ngiwal at the time of the fire.  No one else was reported to be at the house.

The house was decimated by the fire by the time fire trucks arrived and fire crew was able to prevent fire from reaching neighboring homes and vehicles. Videos of the burning house were broadcasted live by neighbors on social media and shared.

Cause of the fire is still under investigation and no official report of the fire has been made available.

This is the second house fire within this month.  Last week, a fire consumed a home and a store in the early morning hours in Ulimang village of Ngaraard.  Fortunately, a family was able to escape the fire but lost all of their belongings.  This incident is also still under investigation to determine the cause of the fire but family speculates that the fire may have been caused by electrical failure.

The house was said to belong to to man named Riumd Stephanus Gabriel, whom is also a chief of Ngiwal State. The firemen and a neighbor confirmed that Mr. Gabriel was not present when the incident happened. Finally, the cause of the fire is still under investigation and will take time for any updates regarding the situation.