On June 16, Dr. Ueki, Chairman of Palau Conservation Society (PCS), could not hold back his smile as he shook hands with new Bank of Guam Manager, Joseph Cruz, after receiving a generous donation of $5,000. This is the 7th year in a row that Bank of Guam has extended a helping hand toward PCS as a Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC). The funds will go toward continuing the mission of PCS as it strives to work with communities to preserve Palau’s natural resources for present and future generations.  


PCS is heartened that after just eight months on the job, Mr. Cruz is already taking a leadership role in contributing to conservation and the Palauan community. While visiting the bustling bank, the Chairman and PCS staff were invited to tour the bank’s expanded facilities which will add more space for tellers and customers. The chairman and staff were delighted with the renovations and for the chance to get a sneak peak.

With the challenges facing Palau’s environment, it will take everyone to do their part. PCS thanks Bank of Guam and all corporate partners who are stepping up in support.  For more info on how to become a CPC of PCS, please call 488-3993. [/restrict]