Another semester of the Korean language class will begin this coming January 26, 2018.

According to Pastor Jeoung Sang-jin of the Heavenly Vision Mission (HVM), the first day of class will be devoted to an orientation that will prepare the students for the lessons and activities ahead.


Jeoung said that the class is divided into two categories: .Advanced and Beginners.

He said that the Beginner’s Class will be held every Monday starting 7:00 PM, while the Advanced Class will be held every Tuesday commencing 7:00 PM.

He said the semester will be completed after 15 weeks.

The classes will be held at the Korean Language Center located within the Palau Evangelical Church (PEC) building.

Participants of the class will be taught who to write and speak Korean. Jeoung and his wife Sylvia Hong will hold the classes. Classes will also include learning about the Korean culture and preparation and cooking of well-known Korean teas and cuisines like Kimchi and Bibimpap.

Classes are for free. One only need to buy a textbook and workbook priced at $13.

Since the Korean Language School started in 2012, scores have completed the Korean language course. These include Palauans, Japanese, Filipinos, Chinese, Americans and others.

For more information, please contact Pastor Jeoung at 779-3877/488-1210.

Application forms are available at Pastor Jeoung’s office at the PEC. You may also contact Pastor Joeung through his [/restrict]