A closing ceremony was held at Barracuda Restaurant on March 8th marking an end to another successful shark week,

Going on its 28th year, Shark Week occurs at the same time when grey reef sharks arrive in Palau for their mating season. Other species of sharks are also recognized and celebrated throughout the week with different activities such as diving, shark counts, documentary viewings, and more.

This year the people who participated in Shark Week had the opportunity to visit various dive spots in Palau such as Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Islands, various dive spots in Peleliu, and other diving spots explored by Fish n Fins staff and are revealed to first time divers.

In the water, divers got a chance to see fish spawning, juvenile sharks swimming around, and they observed how they behave in the water.

In 2020, Shark Week launched a video contest highlighting Palau’s sharks with a chance to win great prizes for those that participated in the event.

This event is hosted every year by Fish n Fins and the Micronesian Shark Foundation which is a Palau Non-Profit organization that advocates shark protection and research. (Telbakes Yano)