PORT MORESBY, 19 FEBRUARY 2018 (POST COURIER) — The APEC Haus construction in Papua New Guinea is 75 per cent complete and ready for official hand over in July, project managers have told the Post-Courier.

Two APEC Haus construction managers have announced that the hardest part of the construction of the building has finished with the easy part coming on par – and the project is very much on target and should be completed by July and handed over in August.


Peter Kearsely the APEC Haus project manager and Larry Watson, the safety, health, environment and quality manager, said they are very proud to be the managers of this special project.

“We’re pretty much on target, most of the major work is complete, and in fact the hardest part of this project is done and we are only doing the finishing touches scheduled. We will do final checks in July and expect the official hand over in August,” Watson said.

Kearsely said he was proud because the APEC Haus was being built by Papua New Guineans who will in the future be proud that they built this special building that will be used as a legacy.

CEO of APEC PNG Christopher Hawkins was also proud that the building was almost done and that the project was on target.

“It’s on target, you know, it’s only been built in July last year and so it’s gone up very quickly and will be done in six months,” Hawkins said.

“This building is everything that we need to have this special APEC Leaders’ Meeting and security is well taken care of as it is one of the most and major priorities,” he said…..PACNEWS [/restrict]